Welcome to the RHOGIC School of Ministry Online School

RHOGIC School of Ministry[RHOGIC S.O.M] is the Training and Discipleship arm of Revival House of Glory International Church [RHOGIC], charged with the responsibility and mandate of raising and discipling exemplary believers for Kingdom service both within the Local Assembly / Church and in the market place - everyday life!!

RHOGIC School of Ministry specifically adopts a four (4) level Progressive Training and Discipleship Model/Philosophy called GEAR. - GATHER, EQUIP, ACTIVATE and RELEASE as was divinely received of the Lord by the Apostolic Leader and Visionary, Apostle Goodheart Obi. Ekwueme.

At RHOGIC School of Ministry, we are not content with merely gathering or training "MEMBERS", but are very deliberate and intentional on growing, discipling and “RELEASING LEADERS."

Get SET to be RESET; these classes will change and metamorphose you into the very image and likeness of CHRIST.

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